10 May 2019

Rules and Regulations

Florida Statutes, Chapter 718, known as the Condominium Act; and The Grand Key Declaration of Condominium and the other governing documents, charge the Board of Directors with the responsibility for administration of the Grand Key Condominium. This administration is done through implementation of the aforementioned documents and the Grand Key Condominium Association Rules and Regulations.


These rules and regulations were initially published at the time the Association was formed. The Association, through its Board, has revised, approved, and issued them for implementation. In the future the Association may choose to revise, add to and delete from these rules and regulations. Any consent or approval given by the Association under these rules and regulations may be revoked at any time, for good cause. These rules and regulations together with the relevant Florida Statutes, the Grand Key Condominium Declaration, and the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, apply to and are binding upon all Unit Owners, and through them Unit renters and guests.

For ease of use these rules and regulations are divided into eight categories:

  • Moving into or out of the Condominium
  • Living at the Association 
  • Pets at the Association
  • Parking at the Association
  • Recreational facilities at the Association
  • Administration at the Association
  • Low Prevention and Allocation of Responsibility at the Association
  • Leasing of Residential units at the Association
  • Contractors, Suppliers, and Service Providers at the Assocation
  • Policy of Fining
  • Specifications for Hurrican Shutters

NOTE: Residents who believe that they have a compelling and legally sufficient reason not to fully comply with a Grand Key Condominium Association Rule or Regulation should request that they be excused from compliance, temporarily or otherwise, prior to not complying. An “Action Request” form (GKCA form 001) should be used to request an exception. The form is available On-Line and at the Grand Key Condominium Association On-Site Manager’s Office.